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T-Mobile is the brand name used by the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG. The brand is active in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United States.

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Unlock Eligibility | T-Mobile Community I just received a text message (supposedly from T-Mobile) saying that my device has reached unlock eligibility. What does that mean and is it really from T-Mobile or …

Legacy plan question | T-Mobile Community I've had the Legacy pay as you go plan wherein I pay a fixed amount for minutes on my smart phone. It is used as an emergency phone only in my SUV, but recently I was shown a method to as Google by voice command to provide a map of the address or location desired and also routing directions. I attem...

Not registered on network | T-Mobile Community I transferred all of my data to my new Samsung A20. When I try to make a call or text it says Not registered on Network.

Home Internet - force firmware update? | T-Mobile Community We received the new 5G modem for Home Internet and are on the older firmware version 1.2003.03.0143. Is there anyway to trigger the update? I've heard the new update can greatly speed up the modem but don't know if that's true.

High-Speed Internet Gateway will not lock to 5G speeds ... T-Mobile stop treating as if this is a phone. I have searched and searched and can not find answer. I live in an area where 4G, 4G LTE, and 5G is available. However the 5G signal is weaker than the other, so the gateway goes to the strongest signal. Stronger is not the fastest. When I can get it to...

One Plus vs Magenta Plus | T-Mobile Community Here's a bunch of dumb questions. Are One Plus and Magenta Plus the same plan but rebranded under a new name or are there specific features to be implemented or discontinued in Magenta Plus? If they are different, will One Plus customers be given an opportunity to either opt out or opt into the Ma...

Unable to purchase phone online | T-Mobile Community I've been trying to purchase a phone upgrade for my wife. At least 20 times now and every time I get to the end I get, "oops we've hit a snag". Then it kicks me back to the page showing the phone I want. Anyway to get around this silliness?

Upgrade Support Charge | T-Mobile Community I was very upset after my husband/dgt. returned from ordering a new iphone at TMobile. They went there as we are long time customers and just thought it would be easiest. I just received the receipt as the phone had to be ordered and on top of the expensive phone was an additional $20 support char...

Insufficient prepaid funds or MMS blocked | T-Mobile Community I never had a problem getting photos by text but now I can't get pictures anymore. Instead it says "Insufficient prepaid funds or MMS blocked." I didn't change my plans or settings. It also doesn't seem people can receive my text messages if I attach pictures. I have Android 4.4.2. Any ideas how to...

ER081 Wifi Calling | T-Mobile Community I'm getting frequent Wifi calling "Er081"'s on my TMobile Note Edge. I've tried 3 different ISPs with speeds from 10m-500m, tweaked the QOS and COS on each, multiple wifi's etc.It will usually initiate the call. But it won't be long before call just drops, anywhere from 15-60 mins in. My calls ar...

Home Internet and wifi extender | T-Mobile Community There is no reason why a wifi extender cannot work with the home internet service. If you’re looking to buy an extender I would suggest confirming that it will work with an existing wifi router (the home internet box essentially contains a wifi router).

Your data plan does not work on this device | T-Mobile ... I have an iPhone 6s plus, and just about an hour ago, when I try to go on the internet, using data, it goes to a Tmobile page that says "your data plan does not work on this device. I didn't switch phones, cards, plans, or anything. I am on my daughter's plan, and we didn't change anything, and we h...

Messenger app stopped working on LG phone | T ... - T-Mobile My text messaging stopped working, it shows nothing and says the app keeps stopping. I’m on hold for 2 hours with customer care waiting for a live person.

One Plus vs. One Plus Promo? | T-Mobile Community The description of "One Plus Promo" matches what we've seen in the news over the past week or so, except with the addition of "for a limited time." The description of "One Plus" minus the "Promo" seems to match, but includes unlimited GoGo inflight WiFi service with no "limited time" caveat, and see...

G7 power not texting pictures | T-Mobile Community My Moto G7 power will not send pics through text. It says the phone I am trying to send them to cancelled the download, when they did not. This is happening especially when trying to …

Do texts work over WiFi? | T-Mobile Community I have a Google Pixel that I was using on Google Project Fi. I moved to T-Mobile a week ago and every since I moved, I am having a lot of problems receiving text messages and incoming calls when I am on WiFi.I work in an area with extremely poor T-Mobile cell coverage, but I have a good WiFi connect...

How to use High-Speed Internet Gateway with Existing ... I just got a T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway and am trying out the ISP service. So far I’m very impressed with it.I have the cylindrical device (5G21-12W-A).I’ve read that it’s possible to use this device with an existing router. Can anyone point me to instructions for doing so?I want to do thi...

5G Nokia Bridge Mode | T-Mobile Community T-Mobile, please add bridge mode. So much money will be left on the table from all the returns. I get that this device is meant for grandma first. The target audience that probably doesn’t have a separate router, let alone know what one is.But don’t lock out a good portion of your customer base that...

Alcatel 665 display suddenly upside down & backwards | T ... I have fully charged it, turned it off and back on, turned it off and removed & replaced battery. Functions still work but I have to look at it in a mirror to navigate!!! Help. I have never had problems with this phone before.

Newly Installed LTE Home Internet, Now Slow Speed... | T ... Just installed the LTE Home Internet yesterday and worked great out of the box after setup, called AT&T and cancelled the internet service right away. Now today my internet speeds are way down. Is there something I’m missing? Is there a way to reliably test the internet Up/Down speeds? Signal th...

How do I make the switch out of a family plan to my own ... Hi there. I'm currently on a t-mobile family plan where my mom is the primary account holder. I'd like to switch to my own t-mobile plan with the same phone number and phone (the phone is fully paid off/no installment payments left).

Error "Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed ... I know this has been asked multiple times. Searched this forum, but cannot found an answer working for my scenario. I am a new t-mobile home internet user (and do not have a t-mobile phone line, either post-paid or pre-paid). When I tried to login to my t-mobile account to manage payments, I was ask...

Galaxy S8 apps crashing - Android Webview problem but can ... My wife’s Galaxy S8 all of a sudden starting having apps crash. I searched the Internet and there is some information about a known issue with Android Webview. The instructions say to revert to the prior version but there is no option to do this on her phone. It is showing Android Webview is current...

Porting from Optimum cable: has anyone done this? | T ... I am trying to port my phone number from Optimum cable (aka Cablevision) to a new t-mobile line. T-mobile has given me a temporary number and I’m eager to use my old number. With my Optimum PIN number, the port failed. It turns out that Optimum doesn’t use a PIN for porting. I’ve confirmed this with...

Using phone sim in tablet | T-Mobile Community I asked my question in But it looks like the issue has been marked as solved without a clear answer. So starting a new topic.If I use my phone sim in my tablet, can i use the tablet as my phone. I understand about the separate data line for tablet, that is not what I’m asking though. Data works with...

Mobile Hotspot and Cisco VPN | T-Mobile Community Hello Everyone- I can no longer connect to my corporate network from my laptop using my Galaxy S5 HotSpot and Cisco Anyconnect VPN. It used to work perfectly but not any more. I changed the APN settings to use IPv4 only and also IPv4/IPv6. Still not working. …

Who do I contact in regards to filing a complaint? | T ... On Jan 22 2020 I opted for Tmobile switching from AT&T at a nearby costco store. I traded 4 phones for new iphone 11s by paying the difference in that store with a …

VoIP with t-home internet | T-Mobile Community I try to use my Magic Jack VoIp phone via t-home Internet with Router is ringing but audio is one way, i.e. I cannot hear the caller but he hear me.Any thoughts on setup ? Robert

Do back glass cracks disqualifies for trade-in at T-Mobile ... Unless I’m reading it wrong or interpreting T-Mobile’s document wrong, I don’t think the trade-in policy disqualifies back glass crack. I’m talking about this T-Mobile support document

200mb free for life plan: Devices have no data service ... Hi everyone. I have two devices that have been long since active on the 200mb data for life plan. One is an ipad, one is an android tablet.The android tablet is my work tablet as a wildland fire administrator. It only gets pulled out during fire season, so it spends a long period of time off and in...

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