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Atlassian Corporation Plc is an Australian software company that develops products for software developers and project managers.

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Solved: Export issues with comments and attachments Aug 10, 2011  · What kind of export do you mean? Export to XML (via Backup System) does export comments, but it does NOT export the attachments. Attachments are kept in a separate directory (with subdirectories for each project/issue) and have to be copied manually.

Solved: Search and show all tickets, that have attachments May 29, 2012  · Hello, I'm facing a problem. Is it possible to define an advanced search, that shows me all tickets in a given project, which have attachments? Something like: project = "projectName" AND attachments IS NOT EMPTY There is no field "attachments"... Thank you in advance! Steve

CredentialHelperSelector??? - Atlassian Community Mar 28, 2020  · ever since Keybase/ Bitbucket/ Sourcetree was installed the following "CredentialHelperSelector" keeps popping up for what reason I do not know of?? Pl help me find a way to stop the alert popping up action!!

Solved: Hide Closed Epics from backlog view Aug 16, 2017  · Hey all Additionally, you can set up post functions on the transitions to ensure that the "epic status" and the "status" are both set to "done". This prevents future epics to remain in your backlog. :-) Furthermore: Don't forget to also set post functions for re-opening your epic so that the "epic status" also gets set back to "to do".

Solved: JQL for tickets closed within a time range Sep 26, 2016  · Hi, I would like to see all bugs that are closed (with status 'Closed') for a specific time range. So far I have come up with sth like, but this doesn't suit me. project = "XYZ AND issuetype = bug AND status changed to closed AND updatedDate < "2015/08/01 00:00" AND updatedDate > …

How to delete a story created mistakenly in JIRA? Aug 28, 2018  · Do not delete issues. When you delete it is GONE. Hardly a week goes by without someone wanting to restore an issue. Deleting issues will come back and bite you when it …

How to show Sub-tasks of a Story on the Kanban Boa... Jan 24, 2020  · Hello, I have read through a lot of the questions posed on here regarding sub-tasks and kanban boards. However, none of them have helped me determine whether it is possible or not and if it is possible, HOW. We have a number of stories belonging to …

How do I connect to bitbucket server in Visual Stu... Jan 27, 2021  · I use Visual Studio 2019 and want to see how I can connect to bitbucket server with it with some helpful steps or guide?

Solved: How can I hide a Request Type (From Customer Porta... Jan 17, 2018  · Hi All, We have many request type but we want to hide some Request Types for later use, so at the moment we dont want our customers to see those Request Type (Forms) on Customer Portal. I was looking for the solutions or hide functionality but couldn't find. Please advise. Thanks, Nik

Solved: Report to show total issues resolved by Assignee Jan 25, 2018  · Is there a way to run a report on total tickets completed for yesterday and month to date by Assignee? On a Dashboard - I managed to create 2 views using one of the pre-configured gadgets. But I can only figure out how to do it for the last day (last 24 hours) and also for the last 4 …

Can a ticket be on more than one board at a time? Absolutely. Boards are not containers for issues. Projects are the containers. Boards are a view of a selection of issues. It does no harm to have many boards that select the same issue, set of issues, or even disparate overlapping ones.

Solved: How do I add or edit Jira workflow categories? Oct 19, 2016  · I am now implementing a Stage Gate process in Jira. This is to force our organisation throught a commercial assessment and through a risk assessment and quality control before releaseing a larger development task for development. In this process the …

Solved: How to create Schedule automated Reports in Jira? Hi Bhanu, If you need more complex reports including logged time, linked issues and more you should check out our plugin Intelligent Reports.You can design your report template in Microsoft Word, fill it in with simple point and click rules including multiple JQL queries, charts and more, and then schedule it to be sent to you by email.

How do you insert a link for an issue into an emai... Aug 12, 2019  · I want to send a notification that includes a link back to the originating ticket in the body of an email. I can include the Key of the issue but not the link. How can I do this with Automation for Jira?

Import HTML files into confluence - Atlassian Community May 24, 2018  · Hi, it is possible to import whole bunch of html files and attachments into confluence (as a web pages)? Regards

how to search by key? - Atlassian Community Feb 11, 2012  · Is there a way we can filter by Key? In JQL, the less than sign comes up as possible operator but when i use it I am getting "The issue key '2000000' …

Filter components with JQL - Atlassian Community Hi there, I want to query based on components matching with some string? For example "component !~ 'string abc'" doesn't work for component. And I want to use wildcards like "component !~ 'string *'" Wich operators schould I use for "component DOES NOT CONTAIN 'string *'"? Are there other operators?...

Solved: Recurring Tasks in Jira - Atlassian Community Apr 26, 2012  · Our business needs to record the progress of recurring administrative or support tasks. Is there a way to set up a Task in Jira so that it either has a recurring due date, say once a month, or spawns cases for a given period of time with default due dates?

How to export all issues in an epic including subt... Jun 17, 2014  · We are about to release a product, and I have been asked to generate a report (ASAP) of all issues belonging to an epic, *including* it's sub-tasks. The Export Full content function in the issue viewer nearly does the trick, but it does not include the sub-tasks. How can I do this? The epic is big, ...

moving an issue back to backlog with "remove from ... This question is in reference to Atlassian Documentation: Removing an Issue from a Sprint Hi, currently when i right click an issue and then press "remove from sprint" this issue is moved to another sprint (let's call it sprint X). i want to change it so that when i choose "remove from sprint" the i...

How to use wildcards in Jira search - Atlassian Community Hi, I'm trying to create filters for confluence pages, but our naming scheme for Jira issues has made this a bit difficult So this is what the title of an issue looks like, with animals subbed in Cat Dog (Mouse Cow:Pig_Duck_01) Cat Dog (Mouse Cow:Pig_Duck_02) ... and so on Now searching for "Pig...

Solved: Summarizing story points from sub-tasks in parent ... Mar 13, 2019  · We are currently estimating our work on a sub-task level by using story points. The user story (or other issue type) has no story points if it has sub-tasks. If there are no sub-tasks, then we add the user stories to the story itself. We split user stories into front- and backend sub-tasks. The assi...

Solved: Reoprting open issues by age - Atlassian Community Greetings! It sounds like the Average Age Report might suffice your needs: " The 'Average Age' report is a bar chart showing the average age (in days) of unresolved issues at given points in time. The report is based on your choice of project or issue filter, and your chosen units of time (ie. hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or years).". More info if interested: https://confluence ...

calling JIRA REST API from POSTMAN - Atlassian Community When used Authorization Type - No Auth it says "Issue does not exist or you do not have permission to see it."and below is the screenshot . When Authorization Type - Basic Auth it says Unauthorized Find the screenshot. Please advice on this.

How do you use Spikes in Jira? - Atlassian Community Dec 11, 2014  · Dennis, It is an investigation activity to gain knowledge to solve a problem. For example I need to write a piece of code to publish results, whereas the data sits in legacy system.

Solved: Askpass.exe application error - Atlassian Community Feb 27, 2020  · I get this popup when running SourceTree 3.3.8. It seems to go away after I push something and login using SourceTree, but eventually comes back after a time. This is reproducible with 3.3.8 and 3.3.4. Any ideas would be appreciated.

After creating an epic, I can't see it in the Epic... I selected a specific board. It doesn't have any active sprints yet but it does have a backlog. I created a new epic while inside this particular board. After creating it, I got a message that the epic has been created but is not yet visible. I can't see it in the epic panel. If I look at any issues...

Solved: Search for Updated by (user)? - Atlassian Community Jun 11, 2013  · Solved: In JIRA On Demand, is there a way to filter issues by who Updated them? The Changed operator applies only to certain fields. Thanks very

Solved: Find and Replace Function in Confluence? Hello all, Is there a Find and Replace function in Confluence like there is in Word? For example, say if I want to replace every instance "cat" (page titles, within word documents, within txt documents) with the word "dog". Is this possible? Thank you very much and I appreciate all the help.

Swagger Description for JIRA - Atlassian Community Aug 17, 2017  · Hi Edward, It look like that is generated from an add-on for Confluence called the Open API Documentation for Confluence.I checked and they do not have an add-on for JIRA. I see that Bitbucket exposes it in the API, however, looking at the JIRA API I do not see a path that provides swagger.json output.

Solved: How to pass jql when calling search REST API? Aug 23, 2018  · Hi, Christina. The search rest call " /rest/api/2/search" can be also used as a POST request, which I recommend in your case. If you send it as a POST you can specify the JQL in a JSON payload and you don't need to escape any character, also this method is recommended if the JQL it's too long for the URL.. You can also specify in the payload what fields you want it to return, like so:

Solved: how to add existing issue to backlog in jira cloud Nov 25, 2016  · Hello, I have already created an issue with the create button. How can i add the existing issue in the backlog of scrum board ? also when i try to create an new issue from the backlog that is also not visible in the backlog. it just says new issue created but is not visible in backlog Thanks

How to add auto reminder - Atlassian Community Create a filter that will select issues that were closed 1 month ago and subscribe to it.. I have created filter, manage it also,you answered me "that will select issue that were closed 1 month ago" that setting i did not found in filter subscription , i just found schedule parameter but not the condition (closing condition ), i want to notify vai mail after 1 month closing of issue ,

Issues have a status of "CLOSED" but a resolution of ... Sep 13, 2012  · We had implemented a workflow and in the process realized that we forgot to include the Resolve form before closing an issue. Now I am left with 93 Issues that I am unable to flip from 'UNRESOLVED to FIXED I did a lot of research and I have been unsuccessful in …

Solved: JQL query: field "starts with..." Hello, I would like to create a filter to show those issues whose custom field "Name" starts by a specific letter, let's say, "A". I am currently using: Name ~ "A*" But it is returning wrong results (issues where Name does not start with "A") Does anybody have any clue about how to perform that sea...

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