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The Fresh Loaf is an online community for amateur baker and artisan bread enthusiasts. Founded in 2005, the site has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Oregonian and made the 2010 Saveur 100 list. In February 2011, over 250 thousand visitors visited the site and viewed over 1.2 million pages.

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Chipotle Sourdough! | The Fresh Loaf Hello, I picked up the CIA book "Artisan Breads at Home" by Eric Kastel from the library and was delighted to find a recipe for Chipotle Sourdough, using pureed chipotle chiles in adobo as an add-in. For 48 ounces of dough, the recipe calls for 2.6 ounces of pureed chipotles combined with 1.3 ounces whole wheat flour as the add-in; I kneaded this in by hand at the end of mixing. This bread is ...

Dough Calculator Formula | The Fresh Loaf First of all let me say thanks to all who replied to my OP. Now I can put the info into my spreadsheet file. As to the question of the weights of ingredients, i have found a very helpful file on the USDA site. It is a nutritional database.

Problems with Ken Forskish Pizza Dough Recipes | The Fresh ... I’ve been making pizza from scratch for several years and am always on the lookout for different perspectives. Bought Forkish’s Pizza book a couple of years ago and have tried many of the recipes. They almost always end up overproofed, or too wet and unworkable, or zero oven-spring. They are also very demanding timingwise. Wonder if any of you tried his recipes and have encountered similar ...

What is "Bread Soda?" | The Fresh Loaf I was looking at Susan's ( quick herb loaf leavened with baking soda.The original recipe is from the Ballymaloe cooking school's book, and calls for a teaspoon of "Bread Soda".Is that different than baking soda? I'm thinking it might be as a teaspoon doesn't sound like much against a pound of flour. Or maybe it is just baking soda...

Sudden allergy to Sourdough? Help! | The Fresh Loaf Hi thereI've recently got more interested in looking after my microbiome so was really happy to find out that sourdough bread is really good for this. I've eaten sourdough for ages anyway.However, the last few times I've eaten it, I've had an immediate reaction - bubbling tummy, griping pain, and then needing to go to the loo. I don't understand this at all as I've never had a

Is there some sort of rye flour shortage? | The Fresh Loaf I use very little rye in my baking but have come down to the last pound or so in the 5lb bag of Hodgson Mill that I bought at our local Walmart. They have none on the shelves and when I check the WM website the only 5lb on offer is selling for $51.20 with free shipping. That's 10x what I paid last time! The Hodgson Mill website shows it sold out and it has been like that for weeks. I can still ...

Barley Malt in breads? | The Fresh Loaf Heya, I've been sprouting and grinding my own malt flour like BBQinMaine. I've been doing a 19:1 ratio of plain wheat to sprouted wheat, which sounds like it's a lot more than the 1 tsp per 3 cups flour.

Are dough enhancer and vital wheat gluten the same thing ... Gluten is the type of protein in wheat. VWG is a powdered form of this protein. A small amount of VWG is often added to bread dough that contains a good deal of (or mostly) whole grain flour and/or a lot of seeds/nuts to improve the structure and elasticity of the dough.

How to wash/clean a wooden pastery board? | The Fresh Loaf Hello! Please forgive me if this topic has been addressed, a search yielded nothing pertinent to my question. I need to clean my wooden pastry board, the one I use to make bread. It's caked with old dried dough, bits of it will often come off and join the new dough as I'm kneading, which would be great for sourdough if it wasn't dried into hard bits.

Yeast and Baking Powder at the same time | The Fresh Loaf Hope anyone out there could help me out... I attended this 1 day baking seminar wherein the chef was making Pork Buns. He stressed out that in order for the bread to have a strong foundation inside for the pork fillings, you would have to add baking powder to the buns. How would this be true? I searched for pork bun recipes and found out that most of them do have baking powder

Autolyse in fridge? | The Fresh Loaf In the interest of time management, I was wondering if it Is possible to do an autolyse overnight in the fridge.I normally do bulk fermentation overnight in the fridge and final proof at room temperature.

Waffles Raw in middle and crisp outside | The Fresh Loaf Hi, I have been trying to bake waffles for some time now but I am encountering an issue of crisp waffles exterior and raw or uncooked middle. As you can see in attached image, my waffles are as in No 1 and I have seen people serve No 2 and No 3 as well. My baking temperature is 200 degrees and I bake for 5 minutes in my waffle maker. The external part is very very crisp but

Using Yeast and Baking Powder together? | The Fresh Loaf First off, I would like to thank everyone for all the responses and help I've received. I am so grateful to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable community that is willing to help me with all my problems.My question is in regards to using yeast and baking powder together while making donuts. Although I'm making donuts, I find that there is a lot of overlap with breadmaking

Perfect English Muffins - light, lofty and full of HOLES ... The dough is really just a few steps up from batter. The high hydration ensures the muffins will be light and lofty rather than dense, creating medium to fine “nooks and crannies”. INGREDIENTS 2c Warm Water 1T Yeast 1/2c Honey 1/2c Sour Cream 4c Bread Flour 2t Salt 1c Yellow Corn Meal MIX DOUGH Pour warm water in a large bowl and sprinkle with yeast.

Will proofing instant yeast make a difference? | The Fresh ... There are 2 types of dry yeast: Instant Dried Yeast (IDY) and Active Dried Yeast (ADY). In-general they can be used interchangeably and added directly to the dry ingredients.

Altamura Bread | The Fresh Loaf Loaf 1: Forno Antico Santa Chiara Durum Wheat I was lucky enough for a friend (FoodieVic) who recently visited Altamura to kindly bring me back durum wheat flour to make traditional Altamura bread of my own with. Tasting breads made with these flours really showed me the value in such an age old custom. It’s amazing they are still alive and well today and still in their

Poolish vs sourdough starter | The Fresh Loaf I have some of Peter Reinharts books from the library. He'll have you make a poolish the night before using 1:1 ratio of flour and water and a bit of yeast. If I have starter on hand with the same hydration level, is there any reason why I can't feed it the night before and use and equal amount of it instead?I see Reinhart says it doesn't matter if you use poolish or biga - just do the math ...

My bread keeps "splitting" on the side | The Fresh Loaf Help! My breads keep "splitting" on the side. It doesn't matter which type of bread, whether free form or in a pan, whole wheat or white, I have tried leaving the dough more moist, slashing the top, nothing seems to make a difference.

potato flake starter / poor 2nd rise | The Fresh Loaf Hi,My bread, with a potato flake starter will barely rise to the height of the loaf pan on the 2nd rise.I have had a potato flake starter that I have used with great success for the last 20 years. Some months ago, out of the blue it began to smell like acetone and the loaves tasted terrible. Sadly, I had to get rid of it!Now I'm trying to start a new starter (3/4 c sugar, 3T potato flakes, 1 c ...

How to convert a regular AP flour to 00 flour? | The Fresh ... Good morning Everyone:I have a "Huge lust" after a New York style Pizza after reading an article about pizza in the New York time!Alas, I lived in a small "food dessert "town in VA and will never get to eat anything decent. I read the recipe and the heavenly crust is made with 00 flour which I know is an Italian flour. I also know that I can purchase the flour from King Arthur

My Ankarsrum Problem | The Fresh Loaf I've been trying to get used to the Ankarsrum mixer for about a month now. I run into problems when I attempt to mix the initial ingredients (less salt) to Autolyse. Here is what I need to learn.It seems that when I follow the recipe there is never enough water to hydrate the initial mass in order to Autolyse. I end up adding a little more water and mixing by hand inside the

Help!!! Sourdough smells like "Nail polish remover" | The ... Good Morning: My confession: I am not new to sourdough baking but I did not bake with sourdough much this year. I also get some sourdough starter from a baker friend when I wanted to bake..Since I want to start a new sourdough starter anew, I follow one successful starter blog religiously( the added flour is a combination of rye flour and AP flour) . At the 4th day the starter went crazy ...

Maintaining Sourdough Starter in the Refrigerator | The ... If you only bake once every week or two, you’ll be happier storing your starter in the fridge in a covered container. Once a week, take it out, and feed it.For a wet starter, retain only 1/4 cup of starter and then feed it 1/2 cup flour and 4 Tbs water.For a stiff starter, retain a marble-sized piece and add 15 grams (1 Tbs) of water. Mush it up until it's soft and the water

Recipe calls for instant yeast but I only have active dry ... I'm making pizza dough following Reinhart's BBA recipe, which calls for overnight refrigeration. I thought I had instant yeast but I only have a jar of active dry yeast. The recipe calls for mixing the yeast and other ingredients together at once using cold ingredients, and doesn't call for rising. Can I use the active dry yeast? If so, what should I do differently than I'd do

Tangzhong in a Bread Machine | The Fresh Loaf Here is my Buttery Buttermilk White Bread recipe. It makes a Wonder Bread like loaf.It's a favorite of my family and friends who request it all the time.Buttery Buttermilk White Bread for Bread Machine with Water RouxThis bread machine recipe makes a nice loaf buttery white bread. It also uses buttermilk.Tangzhong Method - Water RouxIn addition this recipe uses the Tangzhong

Yeast bread top wrinkling after cooled | The Fresh Loaf I have been trying to perfect my grandmothers yeast sandwich bread. Every time it comes out of the oven, it looks perfect. When it cools, the top begins to look wrinkled or bubbled. What could be causing this? Please help!Right out of oven:After cooled:

Whey: How to use it and why | The Fresh Loaf There has been discussion of whey in baking German bread so herewith are the results of some of my researches on the topic.1-How to use dry whey for baking:-Whey is heavy in protein and so has a tendency to toughen the texture of baked goods, so you may need to adjust your recipe accordingly.-Don't over mix- add whey to the other dry ingredients in your recipe before blending with the wet ...

Rise your dough in the microwave | The Fresh Loaf A quick proof hint for the microwave as seen in a magazine: Yeast doughs that normally take an hour or more to rise at room temperature can be proofed in the microwave in about 15 minutes. Place the dough in a very large bowl and cover with plastic. Place an 8-ounce cup of water in the back of the microwave with the bowl of dough in the center, and set the power as low as possible (10 percent ...

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